Field Guide

Welcome to Tribal Surf! This field guide is for the newly initiated to get the most out of this community website. This is just enough to get you started on your path to tribal enlightenment. However this is hardly the full scope of what Tribal Surf has to offer. Over time and after meeting more tribal veterans, you’ll find other ways to make use of Tribal Surf some of which we may not have even thought of. Tribal Surf is yours … prepare to get tribal …


Ok, I joined. Now what?

The core of Tribal Surf is … wait for it … tribes!! The first thing you’ll want to do is find yourself a tribe. Expand the “Get Tribal” menu at the top of any page and click on the “Tribes” section. Here you will find all the current tribes. You can even see a map of all the tribes which have provided locations. Most will be public and open for any member to join. Some may be private and require you to request membership. All will focus on a particular area (California, Hawaii) or group type (women surfers, shortboarders). If you do not find a tribe that fits your liking, you are welcome to start your own!

Ok, I’m in some cool tribes. Now what?

Get tribal!! This is where the purpose of Tribal Surf really comes to light. Once you are in a tribe, you will be privy to tribal events, have access to tribal discussions, or share media (pics, videos, music) with your tribe. Depending on how your tribe chief has set the tribe governance, you may be able to create your own events and media albums.

I’m feelin’ the tribal. How can I meet other surfers to invite to my tribes or join theres?

Yea you’ve definitely been afflicted with tribal-itis. Fear not. Remedies for the itch to find other like-minded surfers is easy. First you ought to make sure your profile is completed. We’ll get to why this is totally worth it in a sec. Click on anywhere you see your username and that will take you to your profile. Click on “Profile” and a sub-menu will appear below the main buttons allowing you to edit your profile. Now, others with similar backgrounds can search for you since your profile is updated. To search for members, expand the “Get Tribal” menu up top and click on the “Members” section. Here you can search members and also view a map of all active members. By toggling “Stalker Mode,” you can search for the same profile fields that you just took the time to tirelessly complete. Told ya it was worth it.

Oh and what the heck is this karma thing all about?

Karma is what it’s all about maannnn. It’s our point system. You earn karma by doing stuff around the site. As you accumulate more karma, your local rep improves. Everyone starts out as a “Kook” and progresses onto “Local” and at some point maybe, just maybe … Kahuna. Or BIG Kahuna. Or … Anyway, you can also loose karma by deleting, unfriending, or de-tribing. Take note, you generally loose 1 more karma than you earned so you can’t game the system, bro.

Ok last thing, you guys are blowing up my phone with all these email notifications man!

Sorry dude, we didn’t think you would actually be that popular. Our bad. You can shut down any or all of these email notifications by going to your profile (click on your name anywhere), then click on “Settings,” and in the sub-menu click on “Email.” Here’s where you can toggle these auto emails on or off. We may still send you one-off emails though on particularly special Tribal stuffs.


Now that you have gotten your feet wet, here are some answers to other common questions about Tribal Surf and the functionality of this website. You may want to check back once in a while as we add or change stuff in here. And if you don’t find answers to your own questions, always feel free to contact us. We’ll get back to you once we’re out of the water.


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Can I be a contributor to the Zine?

How can I get featured in the Zine?

Can I advertise on Tribal Surf?

Can you link to my site?

What do you do with my personal information?


Last updated October 31, 2016.